Why working with an IT Specialist Matters

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Why working with an IT Specialist Matters

January 19, 2020

Would you go to your hairstylist for your computer network needs? It seems like a silly question, right? Nowadays unbelievably it’s not. The IT Services field has never been more bastardized. Examples?

  • Many copier companies are peddling IT Services. Why? Frankly selling “boxes” (a.k.a. copiers) is waning as businesses are moving away from paper and converting to electronic documentation.
  • VoIP (voiceover internet protocol) and other telephone service providers have jumped into the IT game because the profit margins on phone services continue to decline and they think that VoIP and IT Services go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is more like brown shoes and white socks.
  • Others like digital signage companies, security camera vendors, two-way radio providers, wiring contractors, electricians, and internet service providers are also hawking IT Services.

Obviously, we believe that this is problematic but why? Surely you have heard the expression “jack of all trades but master of none”, but it goes deeper than this. Typically, these companies do not regularly invest in the training and certification of their people. This is frightening when you stop to think how much of your computer security, network reliability, compliance, and technology operations are being addressed by a company that treats IT Services as a sideline or a separate profit center for their business.

At Lehigh Valley Technology Company, we are IT Services Professionals. IT Services is what we do. We don’t sell copiers, camera systems, phone systems, chocolate bars, dolls, pets, or two-way radios. We do invest heavily in staff development and training through continuing education and certification. By the way, we don’t “sell” anything as to our knowledge we are the only company in the Lehigh Valley who does not mark-up hardware!

I started this blog post with a question, so it seems logical to close it with another question. If you needed heart or brain surgery would you ask your HVAC vendor to do it? Assuming not can you really afford to trust your business technology to a company that treats IT Services as a sideline or a hobby?

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