Stopping employee frustration with the right technology

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Stopping employee frustration with the right technology

February 9, 2020

As an IT Services Company as well as a Managed Services Provider (#MSP) and a Managed Security Services Provider (#MSSP) we focus on delivering the most efficient and productive #technology possible. Simultaneous to this we have a mission of doing everything possible to keep our clients #cyber safe and secure as well as compliant with whatever standards (i.e. #HIPAA ) that may apply to their specific industry.

While we focus on this part of the equation the #customer must carefully juggle their needs to budget availability. This might seem simple, right? Not so much. As far as technology has come and proven its value to business technology expenditures are almost always on the wrong side of the financial ledger. While smart partners like Lehigh Valley Technology Company have learned how to better explain and demonstrate the value proposition of smart technology spending there is yet another side of this that many employers often miss, employee needs.

Nowadays when we do a site survey for a potential new client, with permission, we randomly talk to employees. In almost every case we learn how their current technology is limiting their ability be more productive, efficient and how frustrated they are with trying to make do with what they have.

To be clear we’re not talking about people who are using a Windows computer and would prefer a Mac, or a user who wants bigger speakers for their computer. Common things that we see include-

  • Computers with not enough RAM
  • A monitor that is too small or too old and causes eye strain
  • A single monitor where dual monitors would significantly increase productivity
  • Using wireless (WiFi) connectivity versus a wired connection

These are small changes that typically cost less than $125 to remedy. Isn’t greater productivity and employee satisfaction worth at least $125?

If your current or perspective IT partner isn’t speaking to you about the people side of your technology, you are working with the wrong vendor!

Lehigh Valley Technology Company is as much about technology as we are about people because we know that the happier and more productive your team is the more profitable your company will be.

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