Do you Get What You Pay For?

get what you pay for

Do you Get What You Pay For?

March 2, 2020

Lately, I have found myself referring to a quote by Warren Buffet, “price is what you pay, value is what you get.” The context of this is when potential clients compare you to their current provider or other would-be vendors who are clearly inferior in every way, well, except for price, I guess, are you really getting value?

When someone contacts us to talk about their IT needs, they, of course, want it all, fantastic customer service, low cost, and highly skilled and certified technicians. The challenge is that in almost every case what they really want is a Ferrari while paying what a Yugo would have cost back in the day.

As I listen to their arguments, I cannot help but wonder if they would try and negotiate price and quality with a heart surgeon, oncologist or attorney if they needed their services. Perhaps you are thinking the reliability, consistency and response time to your technology needs isn’t that severe or can compare to the other professionals mentioned. Really?

  • How long would your business successfully operate without access to its computers, servers and other technology?
  • How many customers would you lose during that downtime?
  • How much would idle workers cost you?
  • What damage would be done to your reputation if you were unable to process orders and service requests?

Since I am sure you get the point of my post I turn back to the Warren Buffet quote and ask if you pay “cheap” rates and get at best so-so service and only somewhat qualified techs are you really getting value for the money that you are spending?

In almost every instance of my own life experience, I can say without reservation that when I went with the least cost option I always paid more in the end. How about you?