Should I Change my Router Password?


Should I Change my Router Password?

April 14, 2020

Is your home router secure and up to date?

We do not typically comment or offer advice on things like consumer grade routers, wireless or otherwise but we decided to write this post because we know that due to the #coronavirus quarantine many people are working from home.

Have you checked your router for a firmware update? Have you heeded prescribed advice about changing your device’s password and changing the #WiFi password? If not the time to this is now!

By chance id you receive an email like this?

If so you might disregard it as a #phishing attempt and that is always a smart thing to do, however it also a very wise thing to do to learn whether or not a change like this (password) is needed. How do you do this? Here are some tips.

  • If your company has an internal IT department show them any emails that you receive that look like this and seek their counsel.
  • If you are working with an outside IT vendor, here too, check with them as to the legitimacy of messages like this.
  • If the above two suggestions don’t work or you don’t get the info you need, contact us and we will do our best to assist you 🙂

Unfortunately cybercrime continues to run rampant and has not taken a break during the #pandemic . You must remain vigilant and if your #business, #nonprofit organization or #government agency is not sure how to do it do not hesitate to call on us at any time!