Technology in the “New Normal”


Technology in the “New Normal”

May 24, 2020

If someone tells you with absolute certainty that they know what’s next in #business much less technology in the Coronavirus era run from them as quickly as possible!

Okay, this may seem a bit dramatic but this is another chapter in business and industry where so-called futurists will offer their unwavering forecasts on what the workplace will look like as more and more states move from red to yellow and then to green and businesses return to “normal”, albeit the new normal. What makes this situation so much different than anything any of us have seen before is all of the unknowns with Coronavirus.

Other events in our history are different. Recessions come and go. As tragic as 9-11 was deep down we knew that we would rebuild and fortify our homeland security. Every year there seems to be a new strain of the flu and while there is a tragic loss of life there is also a vaccine available and the treatments to combat the flu for those who contract it improve each year. And so on and so forth.

Will offices re-open 100% when the green light is given? Will workers want to work in the traditional office setting? While there is good reason to hope a Coronavirus vaccine will be available it will take at least a year to know whether it is effective or not. So how does this all relate to technology? We know for absolute certainty that no matter what happens next these things will continue to be crucial.

  1. File security and easy accessibility to the office from any and everywhere
  2. Safe and consistent remote connectivity
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Compliance such as HIPAA
  5. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

And finally working with a local company like Lehigh Valley Technology who employs full-time, professionally trained and certified technicians and network engineers. If you doubt the importance of this please consider that if an onsite emergency call is required will an out of state company be able to assist you? If you are dealing with a local company and they have an hourly staff or independent contractors will they be able to answer your need 24×7 in any situation?

No matter what the future holds for the #lehighvalley rest assured that Lehigh Valley Technology Company will be here to support your business!

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