What’s the next #technology challenge for #businesses to deal with?

technology challenge

What’s the next #technology challenge for #businesses to deal with?

June 7, 2020

#Coronavirus caught many businesses off-guard as they did not have the proper systems in place for #employees to work effectively from home. This technology challenge included things like #computers, #phone systems, collaboration tools, VPN’s, remote #computing, and effective #cybersecurity protection.

Though progress has been made there is a long way to go as we all saw in the last week. A #derecho ripped through many counties in our region and left thousands of people without power and internet connectivity for several days. This was a double whammy for many #lehighvalley businesses. Not only where they in the midst of trying a regain lost productivity during the #covid19 #pandemic but this storm occurred before #Pennsylvania moved into the yellow phase of re-opening so those #employees working from home quickly discovered that they could no longer work from home. Unlike “normal” times they could not go to an alternate public location and work remotely as public places were closed.

There is a common theme in all of this and that is most businesses do not have a Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DR) in place and those that do have not tested or audited it in all too many cases. The irony of this is that most businesses plan and examine almost every other area of their operation including insurance, sales results, marketing efforts, and employee performance regularly so why is BC/DR planning and testing different?

If you cannot answer this question to your own satisfaction or don’t want to be held hostage to any future unknown situations (pandemics, acts mother nature, or any other debilitating disaster) let’s talk, today. At Lehigh Valley Technology Company #helpishere for any technology challennge!