What don’t you know about Zoom?


What don’t you know about Zoom?

June 14, 2020

It seems like every week we hear of more troubling news about Zoom.

“This was all so impressive. Why, I’ve enjoyed so many Zoom calls now and felt entirely at ease. Until that is, I read a line uttered by Zoom CEO Eric Yuan on Tuesday’s triumphant earnings call with analysts. According to Bloomberg, he said that not every user will have their Zoom calls encrypted, end to end — a service that’s coming soon.”


To learn more about this development and what it may mean to you and your business please check out this article.

As a company, we use Microsoft Teams and it is what we recommend to our clients. Given that we’re also a Microsoft Partner we can also assist in the deployment of Teams to your organization as well as supply all the needed training.

If you have questions about protecting your business while conducting video conferencing meetings we are here to help, contact us!