Password security and employee separation

password security

Password security and employee separation

June 30, 2020

Losing an employee is not usually a good experience. If they leave voluntarily, you lose a valuable asset. If they have to be fired, you have the arduous task of the progressive discipline process and the final termination meeting. But there are other concerns that arise when an employee leaves. Those concerns are password security and their access to company data.

It is important you have a process in place so that whenever an employee resigns or is terminated, nothing slips through the cracks regarding corporate data and password security.

  1. When you dismiss an employee, you should immediately arrange to deny access. Because almost all terminations should be planned, you should also define the process for canceling access. It is unwise to cancel prior to the termination meeting. If you do that, you create the potential for a confrontation when they arrive at work and find their passwords have been disabled. Instead, plan ahead and assign someone to disable their passwords during the time you are having the termination meeting. Before the meeting, be sure you have a list of all access cards, keys, etc. prepared so they can be canceled before the employee leaves the building.
  2. For voluntary terminations, different firms have varied policies handling resignations. Depending on the specific position, an employee will be permitted to continue working during their 2-week notice period. In that case, you need to consider if there is any possibility the employee might get up to no good during the final days. That is something only you can judge.

In some cases, #lehighvalley firms will ask an employee to leave the facility immediately. In that case, you need to have a plan in place. You need to have a list available of all of the restricted systems to which they have access for when this situation arises. The employee should not leave the building until all of their access has been canceled.

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