Do you have a Partner or a Vendor?

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Do you have a Partner or a Vendor?

July 23, 2020

I am often asked this question, what do you sell? Simple question with even a simpler answer.

We do not “sell” anything, as a technology partner, we provide an outcome and a solution. The solution is that we make your technology more reliable, secure, and safe. The outcome is that your business will be more profitable, efficient and reduce stress and anxiety for you and your team.

This seems basic, right? I cannot tell you how many times a week I hear about pitches from our “competitors” to prospective clients where they strictly focus on things like PC and Server maintenance, Network administration, Help Desk, etc. These things are all important they are still just commodities that focus on price, and not value, and they certainly do not address the outcome and solution scenario that I outlined above.

At Lehigh Valley Technology Company, we have always been about relationships. The simple truth is that no IT Services company is perfect, but our trusted relationships and consistency in delivering reliable and no-excuse service is what sustains us with clients year after year.

We also focus on risk as it relates to our clients. When we consider risk, we understand the risk proposition. Risk is not a commodity; it is defined as the possibility of something bad happening. A big part of what we do is limiting your exposure to risk and doing everything possible in a proactive manner to eliminate it. Part of our client on-boarding process is to conduct a risk assessment that serves as the backbone to strengthening your technology.

So, when you think about your current technology partner what are they really providing to you? If your answer is “cheap rates/low cost” I strongly urge you to change your mindset on this. When has paying the cheapest price for anything in your life not lead to paying more in the end and/or causing you valuable time and created more stress?

If you are looking for a true technology partner, please contact us and allow us the opportunity to show you why our clients trust us to take care of their business like it’s ours!