Will your IT vendor respond in an emergency?

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Will your IT vendor respond in an emergency?

July 23, 2020

Many things separate us from our so-called IT vendor competitors, one of which is how we respond to emergencies. In addition to having closely monitored and maintained SLA’s (service level agreements) we also utilize OnPage for critical notifications.

What is OnPage? It is an intelligent alert management system with a secure smartphone application that enables us to receive critical alerts. OnPage also provides secure (i.e. HIPAA compliant) messaging, on-call capabilities, and persistent notifications to ensure that critical alerts are never missed

How does this benefit you, our client? As we always have a tech on call 24×7 we are prepared to receive your emergency call without relying on an answering service, a phone system, or any other mechanism that is subject to human failure. In addition, roll-over is built in so if for any reason the designated technician on-call misses the notification it will continue to page him/her AND notify the next on-call technician in line. This ensures that your emergency response will not be delayed or hindered in any way.

While this system is not inexpensive for LV Technology, it is the right thing to do as we know how important reliable and consistent technology is to your business.

As an aside, we are also an OnPage partner so if your business would benefit from the features that I mentioned as well as others, please let us know.

For more information on this or how we take care of our clients please contact us today.

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