How would you rate your business support?

business support

How would you rate your business support?

October 27, 2020

Can you think of a time when we relied on our technology more? I cannot. Businesses have learned that working with the right technology company for business support is more important than ever. Why is this so important today?

  • If your employees are working from home and they are experiencing technical issues, they cannot just walk down the hall to the IT Department and/or have the company’s IT partner do a service call to their work station. The right partner has all the tools in place to support your team no matter wherever they are working from.
  • If your company has an internal IT department, chances are likely that through no fault of their own they are overwhelmed with support requests. Therefore, it is vital to have an ongoing working relationship with an outside IT Provider for additional support and training.
  • Management needs accountability from their outsourced IT partner. Things to look for are SLA (service level agreement) performance reports as well as information such as the number of service tickets submitted and any trends that should be addressed such as a given user experiencing the same issue repeatedly. Is it a user issue? An equipment problem? These are things that need to be discussed and monitored closely in a timely manner.
  • As a result of the “new normal”, we are witnessing a cadre of new cybersecurity threats and actual attacks. Your business must have the right partner in place to make sure that threats are detected and defeated before they disable your business.

I understand that we are facing enormous challenges with the pandemic, economy, and more, but expecting superior business support from your technology company should not be sacrificed or taken for granted.

We can help! We have the right people, systems, and technology to serve and protect your business. For more information drop us a line.