We want 5G NOW!


We want 5G NOW!

November 17, 2020

Should you buy a smartphone capable of delivering 5G speeds today? Maybe, maybe not.

Whether it is online, television, radio, social media, or blog advertisements you have been led to believe that your life will be even better if you just go out and buy a 5G smartphone. While your online experience may be better, I am not sure a life coach would endorse the concept that your life will be filled with more love, fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction!

So then what is the big hubbub with all these 5G ads? The obvious answer is that manufacturers want to sell you a brand new expensive smartphone but the question is do the benefits justify the cost? The simple answer is probably not today. 5G coverage is still in its infancy and limited even in the largest cities in the USA. While the promise of increased bandwidth, enhanced capacity, faster speeds, and lower latency is indeed intriguing, its day has not arrived.

With all that said, should you buy a 5G device today? Maybe. If you are running an older smartphone that is close to maxing out the included memory, or the battery life has diminished greatly, or the processor is horribly slow, then buying a new 5G enabled smartphone today may make sense. The key is knowing that you are buying it today for one of, or a combination of the aforementioned reasons, and not expecting miraculous 5G service.

Once widely available 5G will indeed be a game-changer on many fronts. Until then, we just have to be patient.