Rules of the Race


Rules of the Race

December 2, 2020

No doubt you have heard the expression that in life, it is a marathon, not a race. This principle applies to many things as well, though unfortunately not to Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

The simple truth is that in Cybersecurity the bad guys are running dramatically far faster than the good guys. On the IT side, candidly, all too many companies are either playing catch-up or frankly are not even actively engaged.

At Lehigh Valley Technology we focus on proactive care and planning, not reactive response. When we are contacted by a potential new client for reactive assistance in almost every case it is because the current or previous provider did not properly communicate with the client their areas of vulnerability and system shortcomings.

You might be wondering why this happens and there is a simple reason. All too many IT/MSP providers hold a false belief that if they reveal the shortcomings and reveal the complete facts that it will reflect poorly on them and risk their relationship standing with the client. They also fear that the client will interpret the news as an attempt to make a sale of new hardware.

We at Lehigh Valley Technology believe that always being truthful, informative, and forthright is the best way to do business. We liken it to we treat people like we want, and expect to be treated by our partners and vendors. When we give the client our professional advice we understand that they may not act on it but we also know that we did our job. As for making a sale, this is why at Lehigh Valley Technology we do not put any mark-up on hardware. We do not want our professional technicians and network engineers to be salespeople and we also want the client to know that when we make a recommendation for new hardware that it is based on their needs and not some artificial sales quota for us.

As for the race that I started this post with, if you are not listening to your IT partner and budgeting accordingly, you have already lost the race. Technology is moving at lightning speed as are the cyber threats to business and commerce. Just saying “it’s working” or “it is good enough for now” is not a solution, it is an excuse. Technology spending is no less important than expenses like business development and marketing.

The race is moving faster than ever and the time to put on your running shoes is now! Let us help by providing you with a no-charge assessment of your IT and data security systems. Simply contact us here.