Are you listening to me?


Are you listening to me?

December 29, 2020

Whether it is IT services or virtually anything else the sales process always seems to be the same, tell them about why we are the best and what we can do for them. While these are important things for the potential client to consider, we take a different approach.

At Lehigh Valley Technology almost every new interaction starts out the same way, discovery. By this I mean we start by listening and starting with something very simple, how can we help you? In other words, what are the technology concerns that are impacting your business and/or keeping you up at night? What issues are you experiencing with your current vendor that cause you distress or unhappiness? If you have an internal IT department that you believe is not performing as expected, what areas most worry you?

There is obviously a plethora of other things that are on the mind of prospective clients but my point is that before any conversation is held regarding what we can offer you we always begin by listening and asking questions.

To test our listening skills and discover how we provide creative and worthwhile solutions to any challenges that you may be experiencing drop us a line and let’s talk!