6 Things to Look for in a Great Managed Services Provider

Managed Service Providers

6 Things to Look for in a Great Managed Services Provider

January 7, 2021

How do you know when it’s time to shop around for better managed services providers (MSP)? One clue is when you’re not receiving the type of customer support you deserve.

We often hear from new customers that switched to Lehigh Valley Technology Company after experiencing the following from their former IT provider:

  • Days to get a callback
  • No-shows and canceled repair appointments
  • Never hear from them unless they’ve screwed up
  • Continuous billing issues
  • No proactive support

Managed IT support for your Lehigh Valley business shouldn’t be frustrating. It should make your life easier and your business more profitable.

Small businesses that have a fine-tuned technology infrastructure earn 2x more revenue per employee than those that aren’t as digitally advanced.

If you find that your business isn’t getting the customer service it should and is experiencing constant device downtime, it may be time to look for a better provider that will offer you the exceptional customer support you deserve. Look for These Traits When Choosing the Right MSP Partner

It’s important for businesses of all sizes to use managed IT services. They bundle multiple necessary IT support components into a single flat monthly rate, including cybersecurity, hardware maintenance, emergency response, managed backup, patch/update management, network monitoring, and much more.

When trying to find the perfect MSP partner, here are some of the things you to look for.

Proactive Support

Being a good MSP isn’t about just reacting when a problem happens, it’s about keeping problems from occurring in the first place. A good MSP will be proactive through ongoing monitoring of your network and systems.

They will also contact you for more than just problems. They’ll check in with you regularly to see if you’re happy and help you anticipate any IT needs in the coming months that can keep your business competitive.

Fast Response Time

When you’ve got an IT emergency, every second counts. If you don’t get a fast response, you can end up missing an important client deadline or losing thousands of dollars due to downtime.

Each hour of downtime costs small businesses over $10,000.

Be sure to ask about average response times to both emergency and regular support calls. A great IT provider will respond fast because they know your business depends upon your technology running smoothly.

Offers a Broad Range of Integrated Services

Each part of your IT infrastructure is connected and should have a cohesive strategy. However, this can’t happen if you work with a managed services provider that continually says “We don’t handle that” when asked about other IT services.

If your IT provider is limited in what they can offer, then they’re limiting your capabilities as well.

As an example of the types of services you want to see from your MSP partner, here are some of the integrated IT services that Lehigh Valley Technology offers:

  • Managed IT solutions
  • Data protection
  • Remote support services
  • Security services
  • Cloud services
  • Mobile device management
  • Security audits & remediation
  • Data breach
  • Compliance

Friendly & Helpful Customer Support

If a company that your staff calls on a regular basis for help doesn’t have friendly support technicians, it can ruin the experience of working with them. You want to look for an MSP partner that has an excellent customer support and a friendly team that makes it a pleasure doing business with them.

Also, good MSPs should not be using the pandemic as an excuse for bad IT support!

Take a look at a provider’s online reviews and look for compliments on their customer support, such as “impeccable customer service” and “great to work with.”

Certifications & Technology Partnerships

Great managed services providers work to be the best at what they do, and this is reflected in technology partnerships and certifications.

Certifications like being a Silver Microsoft Partner or having the HIPAA Seal of Compliance (both of which our firm has), show that a provider has gone the extra mile and has the expertise required to earn these types of designations.

If you run across an IT provider without any industry certifications, it’s a sign that they may not have the experience or expertise that your business needs.

No Billing Surprises

When you’re working with an IT provider that always seems to mess up your billing or put on “extras” that you weren’t expecting, this is a big red flag.

Great MSPs will offer flat-rate monthly billing that includes all main IT services and let you know up front if anything may be extra – such as a hardware part for a repair.

We believe that billing should be mundane and simple, meaning that you’re charged exactly what you expect without any surprises or mistakes.

Experience Impeccable Customer Service with Lehigh Valley Technology

We believe in providing exceptional support, all day, every day. Whether there is a pandemic or not, you can rely on the Lehigh Valley Technology team to deliver great managed IT services at a great price.

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