Can Our Business Really Get Great Remote Support?

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Can Our Business Really Get Great Remote Support?

January 19, 2021

During the pandemic, many Lehigh Valley businesses found they needed more IT support as they worked to transition unexpectedly from in-office technology infrastructure to having staff spread out across different homes.

The increase in support demand left many companies with bad support experiences, especially when it came to remote support. They were left without immediate help, had appointments canceled, and were given the pandemic as an excuse.

But unexpected circumstances shouldn’t be a barrier to providing excellent customer support. We believe that no matter what, the best practices of customer service should stay intact. Especially in the midst of an immediate need.

Some of the best practices that should be infused into remote IT support as well as in-person support include:

· Fast response times

· Under promise, over deliver

· Give realistic expectations on repair timeframes

· Always keeping IT support appointments

· Make it easy to speak with a live person

· Be proactive about support

· Anticipate the client’s needs

When you work with Lehigh Valley Technology, it IS possible to get great remote support that keeps your team productive and saves you time and money.

Why It’s Important to Use Remote IT Support for Your Business

Putting remote support into place for your business is more important now than it ever has been due to the pandemic and the way it is going to permanently change the workplace as we know it.

Working from home is now becoming the new normal, as companies have realized that it lowers costs and increases productivity. Having a remote team in place also ensures that when the next crisis occurs, a business can keep on going and be run from anywhere.

In 2021, the number of permanent remote workers is expected to double.

Here are some of the advantages of using remote IT support.

Most User Issues Can be Solved Remotely

Many of the computer issues that users have can be solved by remote support. When we login, it’s just like we’re sitting in front of your keyboard. A majority of computer support needs don’t require lugging your computer into a shop or scheduling an office visit at all.

Here are just a few of the many support problems that can be diagnosed and solved through remote support:

  • Email problems
  • Slow computers
  • Strange error messages
  • Excel or Word issues
  • Suspected malware infection
  • Software problems
  • Printer or scanner connection issues
  • Help setting up a new program
  • Video conference connections
  • And more

Improves Cybersecurity

If an employee working from home runs across a questionable email, they may have no one to turn to for advice. If they make the wrong decision and click on a phishing link it can mean a malware infection of their device and any other connected devices and cloud storage services.

If your team knows they can quickly get expert help from a Lehigh Valley Technology technician, they don’t have to guess at whether or not an email is dangerous. Instead, they can request a quick support session and avoid a potential data disaster.

Having a professional to rely on improves your cybersecurity both in your office and for your remote teams.

Keep Employees Productive

The average US employee spends 22 minutes each day dealing with IT problems on their own. If you multiply that times just 15 employees making an average of $18 per hour, that’s a productivity loss of approximately 110 hours and $1,980 per month.

When an employee can’t work because they’re waiting on an IT technician to help, you’re losing money each minute they’re idle. We pride ourselves on fast and responsive support, and through remote support, we can show up for your team in just minutes.

The speed of remote support decreases the lost productivity time, saving you money and reducing frustration levels for employees.

Remote Connections Are Secure

You don’t have to worry about security during remote support sessions. We don’t use any automatic connections; they are all authorized by you. Once a session ends, we can’t reconnect unless you authorize another one.

All connections are password protected and use encryption for complete data security.

Saves You Time & Money

When you use remote support services for your IT, it means no taking time out of your day to schedule a service call or bring a computer into the shop and then have to come back to pick it up later.

You save travel time, you’re not taken away from the office, and remote support is cost-effective as well as efficient when it comes to diagnosing and solving most support issues.

If there’s anything that requires a visit (such as a parts replacement), we’ll let you know as soon as the issue is diagnosed. We can also get your device back to you sooner because the initial examination work is already done.

Looking for Responsive & Helpful Remote IT Support?

Just because there’s a high demand for IT services, doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than exemplary customer service. Lehigh Valley Technology offers fast and responsive support – remote, phone, or in person.

Schedule a consultation today by calling 610-866-2828 or contacting us online.