How Onsite & Remote Technical Services Keep Your Business Running Efficiently

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How Onsite & Remote Technical Services Keep Your Business Running Efficiently

February 18, 2021

Technical issues that employees struggle with week in and week out are one of those silent drags on productivity. The minutes wasted aren’t generally captured when looking at the ROI of managed IT support plans or when deciding what software applications are most productive.

But those minutes without the IT support needed to get through an issue can really add up. Approximately 22 minutes per day per employee is wasted dealing with technology problems.

For an employee that works 40 hours per week, that adds up to over 91 hours per year (more than two weeks!) in lost productivity time. If an employee makes an average of $20 per hour, that translates to a cost of $1,820 per employee.

Onsite and remote technical services for your Lehigh Valley business offer multiple benefits that save time, money, and help stop those lost hours due to an email issue or a problem connecting to a printer.

Why Tech Support Should Be an Integral Part of Your Business IT

Keeps Employees Productive

Most business owners don’t even realize all the time lost because employees are dealing with hardware or software problems. 

An accounting person can be struggling with getting invoices to print properly for over an hour. And if they try calling tech support for a large company like QuickBooks, they often end up on hold for 45 minutes or more.

When working with a local IT provider, like Lehigh Valley Technology Company, you get immediate assistance from a live person, not a recording. This gets your employees through a problem quickly.

You’re Able to Support Remote Employees

Remote employees are becoming the norm rather than the exception in companies in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. But those employees need as much technology support as when they were working in an office environment because they’re still handling the same job functions and business data.

Remote support makes it quick and easy for a team member to get expert help in a matter of minutes. Rather than having to wonder if they accidentally clicked on a phishing link or how to set up a new email address in Outlook, they can have a computer tech virtually at their keyboard. 

Support for remote teams is vital to keeping your business running effectively.

You Ensure Security for Your Devices & Data

If you have to wait forever to get help with a data breach problem or potential malware infection, you’re much more likely to suffer costly damage. 

When you work with a responsive IT partner like Lehigh Valley Technology, you’re better protected in the event of a cyberattack or potential website breach. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to securing your endpoints and network, thus our remote and onsite support teams come to the rescue as fast as possible when you need us.

Major Downtime is Reduced

Downtime can cost a business over $10,000 per hour. So, each minute you’re waiting on help, that’s another $167 down the drain. 

Unfortunately, not all IT companies are as responsive as we are. They’ll have automated answering services that force you to leave a message and wait until you hear back.

When you work with a trusted company that has a live person answering the phone, you’re much more likely to get help fast and mitigate downtime from a major computer issue.

How Do You Know You’re Getting the Onsite & Remote Support You Should?

As we’ve noted, not all support is created equal. You want to ensure that the IT professional you’re working with provides great onsite and remote support.

Here are a few things to look for.

You Can Talk to a Real Person

If you don’t have a way to speak to a real person when you call, this is a red flag that an onsite or remote tech support company is not going to answer your needs very fast. Companies use answering services because they’re understaffed and want to reply when it’s good for them, not necessarily when it’s good for you.

When you call Lehigh Valley Technology, you’ll be able to speak to a real person, not an automated voicemail system. We understand how important technology is to your business and will login in remotely or come out onsite as fast as we can. We have the staff to keep up with demand, so you’re not left waiting.

You Can Pay a Predictable Rate for Support

Many companies find out just how expensive tech support can be when they try to call a large software company. There will be additional costs per minute for tech support and it will only be available by phone.

We offer all-inclusive and tailored managed support plans that include remote and onsite tech support. You’ll never be surprised by unexpected or high support costs or have to avoid calling for help due to the price.

Local Help Is There When You Need It

Some companies send you to technical support in another country, which can make it more difficult for you to get the quality support you need. 

You know you’re working with a great support provider when you can speak to a local representative that knows you and your business and can give you the help you need, when and how you need it.

Get Great Customer Service & Responsive Onsite & Remote Support

You can rely on the Lehigh Valley Technology team to deliver fast and responsive remote and onsite support that keeps your productivity high and your costs low.

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