Lower Your IT Costs & Frustration Level With Fully Managed IT Services

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Lower Your IT Costs & Frustration Level With Fully Managed IT Services

March 12, 2021

You’re finally getting some forward motion on a customer proposal you’ve been putting together and are nearly done. Then, a panicked employee enters your office because no one can access any data on the server. It’s another IT fire to put out and your proposal sits unfinished because you need to address it, so the office isn’t at a standstill.

Technology issues are frustrating, and when your business is trying to handle IT management on its own, it can take serious time away from revenue-producing activities. 

Employees spend an average of 22 minutes a day struggling with computer issues. That’s over 2 weeks per year per employee.  

Small business owners often try to do things on their own to save money. But when it’s something as important and complex as their technology infrastructure, they can actually end up spending more by not having their IT managed professionally.

Most people wouldn’t try to handle their own electrical or plumbing work. They know that they would probably just make it worse if they tried. Being able to turn on a faucet doesn’t make someone an expert.

The same goes for technology. Most people in an office use their computer daily, but that doesn’t mean they know how to properly maintain it or repair it if something goes wrong.

That’s what fully managed IT services are for. 

How Do Managed IT Services Benefit My Business?

Fully managed IT services can eliminate your IT frustrations by giving you a team of professionals that keeps your technology humming along fully optimized. We do this through a series of customizable services that you get for one affordable flat monthly rate.

Some of the services included with managed IT plans include:

  • Proactive preventative maintenance for computers/servers/network
  • Patch and update management
  • Managed backup & recovery
  • Managed antivirus/anti-malware
  • Help desk support
  • Expert IT consulting
  • Computer tune-ups/speed enhancement
  • 24/7 monitoring for any network threats
  • Fast onsite or remote support

Here are some of the tangible benefits you receive when you have an IT pro handling your technology for you.

Reduced Downtime Incidents

Downtime incidents can be costly to a Pennsylvania business. For small businesses, downtime can cost over 10,000 per hour (that’s about $167 each minute).

Downtime is often one of those silent costs because it’s not one bill that comes all at once. Beyond your technology repair costs to get systems back up, downtime losses materialize in the form of lost productivity, lost business, and lost forward motion.

It’s also something that doesn’t always happen an hour at a time, it can come in increments of 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there throughout the month. But it all adds up to costing your business money.

The goal of fully managed IT services is to keep your technology well maintained and operating smoothly, so downtime is mitigated, which saves money and reduces frustration.

Improved IT Security

Does every computer and server in your office have its operating system, software, and firmware fully updated? If not, your network is vulnerable to an attack. 

60% of data breaches in 2019 were enabled by unpatched system vulnerabilities. Some of the largest data breaches in the news, like the Equifax breach of a few years back, were caused because someone didn’t apply an update that they should have.

Employees never have to worry about inconvenient updates again when you have managed IT services, and business owners never have to wonder if an unpatched vulnerability is going to bring them down.

All updates and security patches are installed on your devices by professionals in a timely manner, and we check them to ensure they haven’t “messed something up” and that the update has installed successfully.

You Can Focus on Your Business

When you and your team are continuously being taken away from your normal workflow to deal with technology problems, it seriously stalls your company’s forward motion.

A proposal may be delayed for two more days, a reply to a customer might be a day too late, and other work isn’t getting done while IT fires are being put out.

When working with an IT pro, you have a technology caregiver that is ensuring your office IT is running at peak efficiency, handling ongoing maintenance, and that is just a click or call away should you need any technology help. 

Better Equipment ROI

When computers, servers, and network equipment are well maintained, they last longer. It’s similar to how when a car is well maintained, you can get many more good years out of it.

You can improve your IT equipment ROI by having your devices maintained regularly through a managed services plan. We ensure that parts stay clear of dust, which can cause overheating, and replace any necessary parts well before they could end up crashing a system.

Well maintained equipment lasts longer and operates more efficiently during its lifespan.

Customize Your Managed Services Plan With Lehigh Valley Technology

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