Is your Insurance agent “Consultative” or “Transactional”…

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Is your Insurance agent “Consultative” or “Transactional”…

April 20, 2021

Let me ask you a banking question. If you needed to make a deposit, who would you ask for? 

My guess is most would ask for a teller. Tellers are wonderful. Many know your name, they are super-efficient, they don’t ask too many questions or push too hard… Basically – excellent TRANSACTIONAL services. 

But now let’s say you needed investment advice. Perhaps a refinance of your home….etc. 

Still pursuing the teller or this time?? Or, perhaps a licensed banker/advisor… Someone who has been trained to ask the right questions and focus on your needs. 

The analogies go on and on – What’s better? A CPA vs Turbo Tax or a Physician vs. Web Md… Question is are you willing to trust that you know what’s out there in  an ever changing marketplace or do you need a partner who is there to grow with your business?

In today’s market, we see all too often that clients are relying on the simple and easy transactional approach to insurance. At one point a policy is established and maybe it’s “shopped” to beat price every few years (if you ask of course).  Well, if you aren’t reviewing your policies with a risk management consultant – you are likely overlooking key coverages that can bite you later. 

A few more questions….

When was the last time your agent did a full policy review? Have they asked about home modifications / upgrades…? 

When their carrier adds options like utility line coverage on a home, or cyber liability for your business – do they reach out?

As an agent, I totally understand people want cheap and easy. Well.. Our commitment is to provide affordable, appropriate coverage…

Fact is client’s needs change often. On the personal side it can be a new teenage driver a new car, adding a pool etc. On the commercial end, maybe they start taking credit cards, need a health care option to attract new hires or because of covid restrictions prefer to pay their workers comp as a ” pay as you go” vs annually. 

Without speaking w their consultative agent often, all these gaps can easily be missed. 

If you feel like you might be missing coverages, paying too much or are being treated like a customer vs a client – give us a call. 

Our job isn’t to sell you insurance, it’s to listen and advise. 

Who is Presidio?

We are a full-service independent commercial and personal lines insurance agency that focuses on a consultative approach to risk management. We offer all lines of insurance including Group Health Care. Our goal is to help lead our clients into selecting the most appropriate coverages to avoid surprises down the road. A review is always free, and we would love to hear from you. 

Presidio’s Services:

Personal – Home, Auto, Umbrella, Boats/ATV’s, Life insurance.

Commercial – Liability, Property, Auto, Workers Comp, Group Health, EPLI, Professional Liability.

Guest Post By:

Carl Witkowski III


Presidio Insurance

[email protected]