Cybersecurity Awareness

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Cybersecurity Awareness

October 13, 2021

October offers so much more than Halloween and Pumpkin Spice. In the IT world, October means National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Did you know that every 11 seconds, a business becomes a target for a potential ransomware attack? Cybersecurity threats target companies of all sizes – meaning anyone is at risk. This month at Lehigh Valley Technology Company, our goal is to help you understand how to protect you and your company online by reducing cybersecurity risks.

Be Cyber Smart

IBM defines cybersecurity as the practice of protecting systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Most cybersecurity attacks disguise themselves in emails, on visited websites, or suspicious links. When opened, these threats can do one of many things: some can work to access your private information, whether it is personal to you or personal to your business. Others install unwanted services onto your devices. Not all viruses are harmful, some are just plain annoying. No matter which it is, the threats need to be handled by professionals and removed from your computer. How can you reduce the risk of those attacks?

Computer cybersecurity data information for Awareness month

Phight the Phish

A common type of cybersecurity attack is phishing. Phishing is meant for stealing information such as credit card numbers, passwords and more from users’ devices. These attacks can come through a type of communication systems like strange emails, chat boxes and text messages. Attacks from phishing tends to result in unauthorized purchases, stealing of funds, or possibly even identity theft. Attackers work to design phishing emails by replicating phrasing, fonts, logos, and more to look exactly like specific organizations to make them look legitimate.

Hacker’s keyboard for data theft and attacks

Cybersecurity Awareness First

Properly training and educating your employees on how to detect cybersecurity attacks is the best way to keep you and your business safe from outside risks. Cybersecurity should never be an afterthought. Small things could make a big difference for the future of your company. When sending an email with private information, add a password with an expiration that allows select employees to have access to that data. The results of these simple actions are just the start of your cyber hygiene journey.

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