Identity Management Day

Help you and your company understand how to keep data safe with Identity Management Day.

Identity Management Day

April 11, 2022

Don’t you wish there was a way that you can ensure only authorized people have access to the technology resources they need to perform their jobs? Guess what. There is! In the Information Technology (IT) world, this process is called identity management.

What is Identity Management?

Identity management is a way to verify a user’s identity to decipher if they need access to particular areas and systems within the company. This is usually done with authentication and access control – both of which allow administrators to manage the roles of their employees and choose which data systems they have access to. 

Why is This Important?

A recent study found that 80% of breaches were due to issues in identity access and mismanaged credentials. The identity management process provides the assistance needed to keep track of employee activity while also providing confidence that data is secure among select employees.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Identity Management?

According to a report from the Identity Defined Security Alliance, 79% of organizations have experienced an identity-related security breach. In order to help prevent this from occurring, both businesses and individuals can observe something called Identity Management Day, held on April 12th. What is Identity Management Day you might ask? This day began in 2021 and is hosted by the Identity Defined Security Alliance and the National Cybersecurity Alliance. The mission is to educate business leaders and IT decision-makers on the importance of managing company identity and other key components including security best practices, processes, and technology. They also aim to focus on the dangers of not properly securing your identities and credentials, which in return, could create the risk of data loss.

Understanding how to best keep your business secure.

How Can I Improve My Business’ Identity Management?

If your business uses cloud platforms like OneDrive, you can create security controls that allow certain users to access and share sensitive data. Also, ensure that you and your employees activate a multi-factor authenticator – meaning users must verify their identity before gaining access to secure files. Examples of these authenticators are text messages, security questions, and even biometric security and fingerprints.

When signing up for a new account, downloading a new app, or getting a new device, always make sure to configure the security and privacy settings and delete any unused accounts or devices. If not done, it puts your devices and accounts at risk – hackers are more likely to try default login information to gain access. Tying in with this tip is downloading a password manager. We all have numerous complex passwords we try to remember daily or even send via email and text. Using a manager helps keep passwords secure from outside sources.

Lastly, make sure your software is up to date to decrease the risk of ransomware and malware. Users can choose to have software update automatically or have the system notify you of any available updates.

We. Are. There.

Not sure where to begin? Let our team at Lehigh Valley Technology Company help! Our goal is to help business owners and employees understand how to best protect their business and their data. For other ideas on keeping your identity safe, check out Identity Management Day on April 12th.

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