How to Handle a Data Breach

Learn how to handle a data breach and how to prevent one from happening to your company.

How to Handle a Data Breach

June 13, 2022

Over the years, data breaches have become more common. We have seen data breaches in companies like Yahoo, Facebook, and others. There are instances where data breaches can go undetected for a long time. A report by FireEye discusses that it can take a company an average of 146 days to detect a data breach. Another report found that 81 percent of breaches are invisible until someone investigates them. An example of an investigation would be through reports, notifications, and external monitoring. In the event of an attack, one needs to understand how to handle a data breach.

What Are the Next Steps?

First things first, stay calm. You cannot take action when your mind is all over the place. Next, take time to investigate the breach thoroughly. Suppose you try to fix the issue quickly to get your business up and running. In that case, you can leave your business vulnerable to another data hack. Do this by calling security experts, like Lehigh Valley Technology Company, to identify and accurately fix the problem.

Then, you need to contain the breach. This means preserving and isolating the breach so it doesn’t affect any other areas of your business. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Disable remote access capabilities
  • Preserve firewall settings
  • Change access control credentials

When these are all said and done, your business needs to develop an incident response plan. This establishes what your employees and third parties should do in the event of a data breach.

Learn about the various ways you can prevent a data breach from happening.

How to Prevent a Data Breach

There are multiple ways to help prevent a data breach from happening. This does not mean that one could never occur, but taking these steps can help ensure a data breach doesn’t result in too much damage. First, update software as soon as options are available. Outdated software increases your vulnerability to a breach. Another option is upgrading devices that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Additionally, train employees in security practices, including creating strong passwords with multi-factor authentication. Finally, limit access to important company data to ensure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

We Are There.

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