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#67 | Farewell to YouTube

We will be moving our content over to other social media platforms see you there.

#66 | It’s tech refresh season

Scott talks about the importance of refreshing your technology.

#65 | IoT Devices and your Work From Home Employees

Scott talks about how smart speakers may be a bad idea for your work from home employees.

#64 | Is your company covered?

Scott talks about making sure you have the insurance to cover work from home employees.

#63 | October is Cyber Security Month

Scott talks about what cybersecurity awareness month means.

#62 | Do you have a plan when downtime strikes

Scott talks about having a plan for when downtime strikes, how can that cause trouble for your business.

#61 | Why wouldn’t you expect more

Scott talks about SLAs and the expectation of work getting done.

#60 | Q & A with LVTC Staff

Scott talks with Jason about what it is like working with technology every day.