Lehigh Valley Technology will help you better understand what to expect from your IT team and will ensure your technology investments are aligned with your business needs and objectives.

IT Customer Service You Can Count On

What is customer service about? It’s beyond being polite, friendly, or simply saying thank you. For us at Lehigh Valley Technology Company, we know and address the problem before you even know that there is a problem. For example, if your company is having network and technical issues in the middle of the night. Our […]

Is Your Business Prepared For An Emergency?

Are you prepared for a business emergency? As Pennsylvania begins to loosen up some restrictions in place from COVID-19, businesses may decide to allow people back into the offices. But what if something happens again? There is always another storm brewing. Are we prepared for it? Lehigh Valley Technology is there to help discuss continuity […]

Does Your Business Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

As winter hits, people tend to experience power outages, power interruptions, and more. These issues can cause businesses to close and be unable to operate. How do you deal with these issues? Does your business have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan? At Lehigh Valley Technology, we can help you ensure that your business […]

Keep Your Employee’s Data Private

Today’s video discusses safety for your employees. Are you doing everything possible to keep your employees data confidential and private? Is there any data leakage or data loss? At Lehigh Valley Technology we work to make sure our employees have the proper training and make sure that we have the proper defensive systems in place […]

Ensure That Your Wi-Fi Source Is Secure

There is no such thing as free Wi-Fi. Places like local coffee shops, eateries, and more offer public Wi-Fi that people connect to regularly. What is the issue with doing this? Well if your connected electronic has data that is not secured, this could result in data leakage and more. At Lehigh Valley Technology, we […]

Do You Have The Right Firewalls in Place?

In recent times, we have seen mail delivery services becoming slower due to COVID-19 and lack of newer equipment. Because of this, companies find that payments are being delayed for weeks. As a result, companies are looking at making online payments to ensure on time delivery. This leads us at Lehigh Valley Technology to discuss […]

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes With Your IT Provider

As we enter 2021, let’s get started on the right foot. A common mistake we see at Lehigh Valley Technology is when business are choosing a new IT provider. When companies see that things are not working out, instead of moving onto a different provider, businesses stay because they believe things could change. Before trying […]

Do Your Employees Have The Tools To Work Remotely?

Have you wondered why your employees are not as productive while at work remotely? Employees can not be productive if they do not have the proper equipment. If you want them to do their best, then they need the right tools to help them do just that. You wouldn’t want a carpenter to try and […]