Lehigh Valley Technology will help you better understand what to expect from your IT team and will ensure your technology investments are aligned with your business needs and objectives. These IT Videos from Lehigh Valley Technology Company offer tips and tricks on how to keep you and your company safe from outside threats and hacks.

We do not sell anything. We simply provide an outcome and solution. By doing so, we offer various services so you can keep your company running smoothly. We have videos discussing all aspects of the information technology world. This includes disaster recovery plans and cybersecurity. As Lehigh Valley Technology Company also partners with Microsoft, we provide assistance on Microsoft 365, and why Microsoft Teams is more reliable than other video communication companies.

It videos from Lehigh Valley Technology Company

Employees cannot keep data private if they are uneducated on how to do so. These videos are quick, helpful guides on how to keep your employees and business on the right path to success without putting company data at risk.

Aside from these videos, take a look at our blog for more information on technology safety and more. We offer guidance and education on how to be aware of malicious activity and emails.

#8 | Staying Productive at Home

Tips to help you and your team stay production while working from home.

Plan Now for Best Results

Now is the time to take a look at your business’s continuity plan. If you have a plan, is it working out how you envisioned? If not, you can get it updated to be better prepared. Get ready now and use our template as a guide for the best results. Related Blog Best Results “I […]

Continuing Education

Utilize this downtime to brush up on your skills. Continuing education is a great way to advance your career, or just learn a new skill you have always wanted to learn. As we are all working remotely, now may be the best time. Related Blog Continuing Education “I am often asked what are the best […]

Help Desk

As we all adapt to the new normal, we are finding new ways to stay in touch. Many use Zoom, Skype, and more. But a lot of companies rely on the IT person who doesn’t have all the tools to deal with issues like this. Many are overwhelmed. Now is the time to explore outside […]


COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes. From working from home and making adjustments. What about when this is over? Now is the time to be interviewing with a BDR and find out how they can help. Is your business ready to recover after COVID-19? We can help with business continuity and disaster recovery. For […]


Hackers are always just around the corner, protect your business today. Read how, when we need them the most, the department of health and human services was attacked, – At this time, it is most important that you keep your information secure to avoid DDoS. For More Information DDoS “We make sure your employees […]

#2 | Remote Lunch n Learn

During this time of caution, we are offering a unique opportunity to still lunch and learn, find out more.

#1 | Remote Workers

Is your business ready for remote workers, we can help.