LV Technology will help you better understand what to expect from your IT team and will ensure your technology investments are aligned with your business needs and objectives.

#51 | What to do when an employee leave the company

Scott talks about what to do when an employee leaves the company.

#50 | Now is the time to look at working remote

Now is the time to prepare to work from home again. The Morning Call article referenced in the video,​

#49 | Do you feel like your business matters?

Your business matters to us, Scott talks about how Lehigh Valley Technology Company is different.

#48 | How important is 24-hour support

Is your current IT company up to the task at 2:00AM on a Sunday morning; Lehigh Valley Technology Company is.

#47 | Is working from home the new normal

Scott talks about working from home becoming the new normal, what do you think?

#46 | Your brand is key let us help

Scott talks about how your brand is a key to success, we can help.

#45 | Local is just better

Scott explains why local is better.

#44 | Is your business continuity ready?

Scott talks about being ready and having a business continuity plan. We can help.