Lehigh Valley Technology will help you better understand what to expect from your IT team and will ensure your technology investments are aligned with your business needs and objectives. These IT Videos from Lehigh Valley Technology Company offer tips and tricks on how to keep you and your company safe from outside threats and hacks.

We do not sell anything. We simply provide an outcome and solution. By doing so, we offer various services so you can keep your company running smoothly. We have videos discussing all aspects of the information technology world. This includes disaster recovery plans and cybersecurity. As Lehigh Valley Technology Company also partners with Microsoft, we provide assistance on Microsoft 365, and why Microsoft Teams is more reliable than other video communication companies.

It videos from Lehigh Valley Technology Company

Employees cannot keep data private if they are uneducated on how to do so. These videos are quick, helpful guides on how to keep your employees and business on the right path to success without putting company data at risk.

Aside from these videos, take a look at our blog for more information on technology safety and more. We offer guidance and education on how to be aware of malicious activity and emails.

Service Plan vs Break Fix

What is the difference between proactive service and break and fix? Suppose you have a problem with your server or network. In the break and fix service, it could take days or weeks until you hear a response.
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Is a VPN Right For Your Business?

The technology world tends to talk in confusing tech words like VPN. When not explained properly, it becomes a buzzword.
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Customer Service – LVTC Does It Better

Customer service is our top priority. Lehigh Valley Technology Company offers the highest level of support and service to our customers and we want to hear from you!
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What to Do When an Employee Leaves the Company?

Do you have a technology process in place in the event an employee leaves your company? What is the importance of safeguarding your data?
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Now is the Time to Look at Working Remote

As places like bars, restaurants, and more begin to shut down due to COVID-19, now is the time to prepare to be working remote again in the case that we must shut back down.
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Do You Feel Like Your Business Matters?

How often are you meeting with your IT Company? They may be charging you monthly, but they don’t update you.
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How Important is 24 Hour Support?

Can’t get into the program you need to make an important presentation? Can’t get in touch with your IT Company? What do you do?
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Is Working From Home the New Normal?

Although many companies first believed that people working from home during this pandemic was a temporary thing, we now see it becoming a new normal.
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