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#43 | From daily to weekly

Scott is excited to announce we are opening the office again, with that we will be moving to a weekly video.

#42 | Returning to the office

The time has almost come when we can return to our offices but is the company owned equipment that has been in your employee’s home ready to come home? Scott knows.

#41 | Questions about HIPpA

Do you have questions about HIPPA compliance…Scott has the answers.

#40 – Time for employee surveys

Scott talks about how this can be an excellent time to conduct employee surveys.

#39 | Virtual Lunch n’ Learn

Scott has some exciting news for you, find out how to have a free lunch on Lehigh Valley Technology Co. and learn something new too.

#38 | Can you afford downtime?

Scott talks about the cost of downtime and what that could mean for your business.

#37 | Default passwords should be changed now

Scott talks about how using default passwords on your equipment can lead to security issues.

#36 | Time to double and triple check everything

Scott talks about how taking a few extra seconds to double & triple check your work can save you.