Lehigh Valley Technology will help you better understand what to expect from your IT team and will ensure your technology investments are aligned with your business needs and objectives. These IT Videos from Lehigh Valley Technology Company offer tips and tricks on how to keep you and your company safe from outside threats and hacks.

We do not sell anything. We simply provide an outcome and solution. By doing so, we offer various services so you can keep your company running smoothly. We have videos discussing all aspects of the information technology world. This includes disaster recovery plans and cybersecurity. As Lehigh Valley Technology Company also partners with Microsoft, we provide assistance on Microsoft 365, and why Microsoft Teams is more reliable than other video communication companies.

It videos from Lehigh Valley Technology Company

Employees cannot keep data private if they are uneducated on how to do so. These videos are quick, helpful guides on how to keep your employees and business on the right path to success without putting company data at risk.

Aside from these videos, take a look at our blog for more information on technology safety and more. We offer guidance and education on how to be aware of malicious activity and emails.

Your Brand is Key – Let Us Help

A key ingredient to success is uniformed branding. At Lehigh Valley Technology Company, we can help you by creating a uniformed signature.
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Local is Just Better

Working with and supporting local companies has taken a new meaning. Companies found that working with vendors outside the area may not be giving you the technical support you need during this time.
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Is Your Business Continuity Ready?

Many businesses have entered situations that they were not prepared for, such as working remotely, having connectivity in new places. We have to be better prepared.
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Returning to the Office

Previous videos have discussed VPNs, how to keep your company and employees safe, and more. If your employees are using equipment remotely, how are you going to clean that equipment before returning to the office?
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Questions about HIPAA

If your business has any HIPAA Compliance, you must make sure you are paying attention to it in your office. However, if you are working remotely, are you following all protocols and standards?
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Time for Employee Surveys

This is a wonderful time to conduct an employee survey. What do your employees think about the technology they are using?
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Can you Afford Downtime?

What is the actual cost if you don’t do backups and continuities or have the proper data systems and protection?
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Default Passwords Should Be Changed Now

We recently focused on home based wireless mesh networks. Today’s video expands on this topic. Your router is provided by your internet service provider, and it comes with a default password.
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