Data Protection Company

Lehigh Valley Technology is a data protection company. We are renowned for removing the fear of stolen equipment, client and financial data loss, power surges, server damage, inadvertent data deletion, crashed hard drives… and much more with our data protection services! These disasters can place the survival of your business at risk.

Data Protection Company in Bethlehem, PA USA

Lehigh Valley Technology provides businesses with a variety of scalable data protection and backup services. Our solutions are customized to fit your specific needs. We conduct a thorough analysis of the amount and type of critical data that defines the ideal solutions for your company and budget.

Our sophisticated data service solutions include:

Your business may be holding all different types of sensitive data such as customer information, operational information and intellectual property. Information security should mean you are protecting all your businesses sensitive data; it is important to note that cybersecurity is a branch off this that protects computer-based data. Learn more about our data protection company, and contact us if you are interested in data protection services.

“We make sure your employees are properly trained to spot phishing. We also ensure that we have the right defensive systems in place to block any attempt to breach our systems. And we also make certain that we update these systems regularly.”

Scott Gingold, President and CVO of Lehigh Valley Technology Company