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Mobile Device Management Microsoft

Lehigh Valley Technology provides mobile device management for Microsoft. We know that mobile technology is critical in today’s workforce. No matter where your employees work from, the same cyber security threats exist. Lehigh Valley Technology offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to minimize those threats.

Mobile Device Management Microsoft in Bethlehem, PA, USA

Microsoft mobile device management services and solutions include the ability for our IT experts to manage your company’s security policies and business applications, while avoiding compromising of employees’ privacy on their devices. Strategies and best practices continue to evolve to ensure the proper balance between convenience and security for small, medium, and large businesses of all sizes.

The benefits of mobile device management include:

  • Low-cost, scalable solution: Mobile device management systems integrate into the existing environment without requiring new infrastructure, hardware, or network complexity. It provides enterprise-level scalability, extending the reach to support management across device platforms.
  • Simplified administration: The console unifies device management, providing administrators with a single console for administration, application management, and reporting across multiple device types.
  • Empowered users: A consistent end-user experience is provided across device platforms. Users can enroll their personal devices, install internal business applications, and manage their mobile devices, allowing them to be more productive from almost anywhere on almost any device.
  • Maintained compliance: Compliance policies are maintained across multiple device platforms to meet security requirements while providing a good end-user experience for users.

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“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.”

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft