Remote Support Services

Remote Computer Support Services

Lehigh Valley Technology offers remote computer support services and solutions that allow our Help Desk experts to access your device to diagnose your technology issue. The only thing you need is internet access for our IT experts to trouble-shoot your device for a quick diagnosis of a problem, an assessment of an error message, or simply to have some questions answered with our remote support services.

Remote computer support services and solutions in Bethlehem, PA USA

By utilizing the Lehigh Valley Technology’s Company’s remote computer support services and technicians, you will receive:

  • Quick Resolutions: Our expert technicians will quickly diagnose and begin resolving technology issues.
  • Secure Connections: All connections are password protected, secure, and authorized by you. 
  • Saves Time & Money: No need to transfer a computer or schedule an on-site appointment.

Our blog post, How Onsite & Remote Technical Services Keep Your Business Running Efficiently, further explains why tech support should be an integral part of your business. Contact us online or give us a call 610-866-2828 to schedule a consultation.

“Approximately 22 minutes per day per employee is wasted dealing with technology problems. Downtime can cost a business over $10,000 per hour. So, each minute you’re waiting on help, that’s another $167 down the drain”

Scott Gingold, President and CVO of Lehigh Valley Technology Company