Remote Work Coordination

Remote Computer Company and Workplace Coordination

With the increase in remote work, companies have turned to Lehigh Valley Technology, a remote computer company, to help ensure a smooth transition as the business continues to operate efficiently without interruption. Lehigh Valley Technology supports the remote workforce by removing cybersecurity risks and keeping them connected to the organization’s network with remote workplace coordination services. And Lehigh Valley Technology can support every business IT remotely with all the resources and expertise needed.

Remote computer company and workplace coordination in Bethlehem, PA USA

Our remote computer company is helping businesses securely work from home

  • Install Secure VPN Connections
    To avoid security incidents, as well as Zoom bombings, you need a business VPN to secure the connections with encryption.
  • Install Security Software on all Home Workstations
    Secure home workstations with anti-virus and anti-malware software, as well as a strong password protocol, to ensure any technology that has access to the company’s network is secured. Provide regular security awareness training opportunities.
  • Prepare Properly to use Video Conferencing Intensively
    Enlist a reliable conferencing platform and ensure your team has all the necessary tools (headsets/cams) needed.
  • Have Cloud Application Connections In Place
    Modify the necessary settings to ensure cloud applications are ready for remote logins. Ensure the remote workforce has the right devices to handle memory and performance needs.
  • Devise a Remote Communications Plan
    Make use of virtual communications and video tools, “away” messages, project-specific chat channels, and team collaboration tools to ensure every employee is working synergistically.
  • Remote IT Support
    Remote professional IT support prevents managing endpoints while ensuring all healthcare and government guidelines are followed. Lehigh Valley Technology uses encrypted remote connections and appropriate authentication to access devices and resolve issues. Lehigh Valley Technology discusses all problems and solutions with the business before proceeding with remote workplace coordination. Software-related issues and queries, software updates, temporary files cleanup, startup optimization, virus scan and cleanup, and slow computers can all be managed remotely.
  • Solicit Feedback
    Distribute surveys to remote employees for anonymous feedback on what technology is working and what improvements can be made.
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
    Review and update work-from-home plans to ensure they properly accommodate and serve company needs.

“Employees cannot be productive if they do not have the proper equipment. If you want them to do their best, then they need the right tools to help them do just that. You wouldn’t want a carpenter to try and cut wood with a drill, would you?”

Scott Gingold, President and CVO of Lehigh Valley Technology Company